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This Old Normal site is dedicated to people seeking to explore beyond the popular news feeds and find encouragement to Be Normal — normal like it used to be before this Covid thing arose; normal like before the Internet and social media; normal like in previous pandemics where millions died but billions were unaffected.

Because this site questions the authority of "The Powers That Be" (TPTB) you might wish to read no further. However, there is ample evidence that the TPTB have almost total control over what you believe because they have the power to influence everything you see on TV and everything you read in newspapers. This is not just a cynical opinion it's a fact, as you might discover below.

No Propaganda Ahead


As a preface to this site we must point out that we might not be right but we do believe in freedom of speech. Our opinions are personal, and yours are your own and quite probably different as you may be influenced in other ways. We endeavour to provide information from a wide variety sources. We do not dismiss the seriousness of Covid-19 for some people but we do question the threat to personal freedoms now availed to those in power.

You might not believe that you are being manipulated but you should be aware that since 2010, when the Conservatives came to power, they set up the Behavioural Insights Team to help them manipulate the beliefs of the public. It is quite possible that this group also affects the beliefs of the politicians as we're all under the same influence.

Please, if you believe we have made errors of judgement on this site, let us know via the contact page, explaining what is wrong and why.

Be normal

Being normal means being ready to face danger in the same way as in the past — being pragmatic, knowing life is not forever and should be enjoyed. The trick is to balance the information about the risks. It's very difficult make a sensible judgement if the only information you receive is intended to persuade you to make a certain decision. No matter how normal you might feel, if you have wrong or deceptive information you cannot correctly assess the risk. Unfortunately there are forces at work that push their "approved" information and are very good at suppressing alternatives.

Old Normal challenges the new beliefs being foisted on us by Covidianity, climate activists and wokery. None of them can convincingly prove their claims but all of them are in fashion and get to parade on the media catwalk. All are naked emperors.

The Influencing and Controlling Forces


The most important thing to realise is that, whatever you read or view on TV, it is limited by censorship. Fortunately (so far in 2021) there are still sources that are capable of presenting uncensored information. This site aims to be one of those sources. However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) used by search engines, like Google, will probably downgrade this site so it's never found in a search.

Social Media

Even if you don't use social media you must admit that nowadays social media has a huge influence on a large part of the population. A report from Oxford University's Oxford Internet Institute has found that governments and political parties are increasingly paying private companies to manipulate public opinion using social media platforms. The report identified the UK government as among the worst offenders for conducting influence operations on social media. So if you find yourself agreeing with the government it may well be that you have been influenced.

Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. all have their own policies on what's allowable and obviously this again limits what you are allowed to discover. No links provided here but search for yourself if you doubt it.

In February 2020 the BBC published Ofcom will have the power to make tech firms responsible for protecting people from harmful content such as violence, terrorism, cyber-bullying and child abuse - and platforms will need to ensure that content is removed quickly. They will also be expected to "minimise the risks" of it appearing at all. Of course this includes anything disapproved by Government.

And confirming this Ofcom to gain new online safety powers as Government bill published today [12 May 2021]

Television and Radio

UK broadcast media is regulated by Ofcom (the government-approved regulatory and competition authority). This means that Ofcom policies determine what's allowable to broadcast and what is not. Ofcom is accountable to Parliament. It has a "statutory duty to represent the interests of citizens and consumers by promoting competition and protecting the public from harmful or offensive material". All very subjective but certainly it would not allow challenges to Government policy - that would be suicide. You may be sure that you will never see the BBC broadcast anything challenging Government. Sure, you'll hear individual ministers being put on the spot for entertainment but you'll never hear anything that Ofcom does not approve.

An article in The Telegraph accuses Ofcom of stifling 'criticism' of Government's Covid response. It's alarming that the UK broadcasting regulator is relying on "fact-checking" organisation Full Fact to inform what it should suppress. Full Fact, which self-importantly describes itself as "the UK's independent fact checking charity", is a notoriously biased organisation which has a history of partisan interventions in political debates. Its major funders include Google, Facebook and George Soros – all known for their highly partisan political activism. 70% of its 2019 declared funding was from Big Tech companies.


The press is regulated by IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation). IPSO policies are described here. Under the heading of "The Public Interest" there are several bullet points, two of which are:

These points are subjective, in fact so subjective that any dissent from government policies and rationale would end up with a court case they would be bound to lose. (Evident capitulation by the judiciary is another subject!)


You cannot have escaped the orgy of government advertising. In 2020, the UK government tripled its already bloated advertising budget, displacing corporate behemoths such as Unilever, Sky and Proctor & Gamble, by splurging a whopping £164 million. If you then add Public Health England’s substantial 2020 ad spend of £80m, you get a good picture of how government messaging has come to comprehensively dominate our lives.

To read more about the coordinated marketing of their "truth" see here.


Mis-information is any information that challenges "authority". However, if "authority" itself presents mis-information who is allowed to challenge it?

Coercive control

An interesting piece on Radio 4 on 24th September 2021, available as a podcast, talks about the way cults — and let's call this one Covidianity — are controlled coercively. Although this podcast is about childhood abuse there is a strong and obvious parallel with what's happening in 2021. People are being told what to believe and who they are allowed to meet — AND they believe and comply. From first-hand experience I know that some of my (ex) friends and relatives do not want me to visit them, simply because I have declined (for the time being) to be vaccinated. The coercive force to be vaccinated is huge: no passport, no admission. And yet you'd think the vaccinated would feel safe but instead they feel righteous and exclusive.

A good explanation of coercive control is given here. The government's constant campaign to make us fearful is evident. Even today (October 2021) my local freebie magazine carries an advert to tell me to "act like you've got it". FFS!

The Dominance of the State is Total.

If you're brave enough, watch this YouTube video about power..

For an interesting take on competence you might enjoy this clip from Yes Minister.

Abuse of Emergency Powers

The government has taken on "emergency powers" that enables a small cohort to make up rules without wider reference. Decisions are being made by ministers chosen for their passion for Brexit rather than any proven skills in the departments they run; decisions that ignore the wealth of evidence indicating their folly; decisions strongly influenced by unelected "gurus" with their own agendas and access to the public. They say they are following the science but we know that's not true as the science is only allowed if it agrees with the politics.

Sneakily, on 5th January of The Government extended lockdown laws to give councils the power to close pubs, restaurants, shops and public spaces until July 17th 2021. If you still think you live in a democracy write to your MP and ask how they voted.

We're NOT in this together

The worst, the very worst is the clever psychological manipulation of the population. What better way is there of achieving control of society than setting people against people, with anonymity that ensures you SUSPECT EVERYONE. Who can you trust? Does the government not understand that it's creating a 1984 society? What would George Orwell say? Everyone is encouraged and empowered to agree with the government - but liable for punishment if they disagree. Hey, what country is this? Certainly not the country we grew up in... but wait...

Perhaps the majority never look behind the propaganda and still think the BBC is a reliable source of news. No surprise then, if the BBC reports a large number of deaths or cases or whatever, it's accepted as a serious alarm and increases agreement to be subjugated. However, the BBC does not balance this with what these numbers mean in a context. No apologies from the BBC though, they reported the story in their one-sided way. Ofcom has banned dissent from Covid orthodoxy but they don't seem bothered if the misinformation supports the government.

This Government's policies have destroyed so many things we hold dear and have enjoyed — social interaction, British culture, smiling faces etc. All gone. Perhaps the most sinister thing of all is that the Government has discovered that the majority of the population is as easily controlled as those in China.

Lockdowns are NOT PROVEN

Health is not simply about avoidance of disease it's a holistic concept that embraces wellbeing and happiness. Repeated enforced confinement of families with young children cannot possibly be beneficial for their future. There's endless evidence that lockdowns have not improved death rates but have severely impacted normal life and will have serious consequences long after we're gone. Even the WHO is against lockdowns, realising that the harm done is not justified. This is not suggesting business-as-normal but rather that are better ways to keep people safe — ways that will save many more lives in the future and not be driven by the panic visited on us by the Zeitgeist.

Those countries and areas where lockdowns have been "imposed" have very similar death rates to those where sensible precautions have been advised but not brutally enforced.

Return to normal

The quickest way to return to normal is for the government to admit that lockdowns have failed, then admit that this virus is not as deadly as first thought and encourage people to remove their masks but take care and be responsible. Those who are worried can take their own precautions. Just like it would have been before the Internet.

A new back to normal website has been launched with loads of sound information and graphs telling what's happening. The link is to their home page but the site has a lot of content accessible from its menu. Well worth a read.

A point of view

This was broadcast on Radio 4 in September 2021. It describes how leaders use coercion to control people. Specifically the item is about cults but the unavoidable parallel is with influence afforded to politicians by the arrival of covid-19. You won't need a BBC account to access the link and it's well worth a listen.


HART is a group of highly qualified UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts concerned about policy and guidance recommendations relating to COVID-19. They publish well researched articles in their news pages and on their website.

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